Frequently Asked Questions

No. Running the day to day of businesses is just not what we’re best at.

It’s a broad range, with a lot of factors being considered. Generally everything from low $xx,xxx to high $xxx,xxx can work. The lower the investment amount the less ongoing time we are able to allocate to a deal (time is a finite resource after all). The higher the investment amount the more co-investors we might pull in on the deal.

We’re aiming to be very fair here. Each business is very different, but on average we would value your business the same way a business broker would.

We get compensated with profit distributions and/or the eventual full exit of the business. We would be on the same terms as the founder on a pro-rata basis.

  • We write a check directly to the founder, not to the business.
  • We are not concerned with “growth at all costs”. We have a profit-first mindset, growth comes secondary. Small little businesses suit us just fine.
  • Quality of life is high on our list of must-haves. (What’s the point otherwise?)

Nope. If you want to hold the business forever, or plan for a full exit 6 months from now, we’ll support you either way (and advise you on what we think would be best).


First off, to me the term Lifestyle Business doesn’t mean small, financially speaking it just means that it is not designed to reach venture scale.

There are a few reasons I’m doubling down on this type of business, but the biggest one is that I really enjoy the community around them. Years ago when I first found my way into this world I was blown away at the high caliber of people involved. They were all interested in money, but on average the goal wasn’t just to have more for the sake of having more. Buying Ferrari’s and flying private just wasn’t a priority. Allowing for a life of more personal freedom, health and happiness was the goal, and these goals were furthered through the pursuit of business. I was hooked, and this is where I want to spend my time.

Most likely no, but it doesn’t hurt to reach out and say hi.

It’s going to be realllllly tough to give a blanket statement that would apply to all businesses. Some will need more help, some not as much. The ideal situation is where we would spend a fair amount of time with you during the first couple of months, and then taper it down to a scheduled call once or twice a month (or when needed) afterwards. Also, assuming that our marketing company is working on your business, that part will be a much longer engagement, as these things take time.